International Workshop on Integrating the Semantics of Data, Ontologies, Moral and cultural values and their Societal impact

The growing influence of AI in our daily lives has transformed both the digital landscape and the way we extract, represent, and generate information. As a consequence, it highlighted the demand for ethical and reliable AI, supported by ethical guidelines and requirements recognized by governments, industry, the public, and academia. The surge in Large Language Models (LLMs) usage, in particular, has made it increasingly crucial to address the alignment of AI tools to moral and cultural human values, especially when hybridizing knowledge structures and semantic data with generative AI, following EU’s objective of realizing AI applications that are dependable, robust, explicable, ethically guided, and therefore trustworthy. The first edition of WISDOMS, the Workshop on Integrating the Semantics of Data, Ontologies, Moral and cultural values and their Societal impact, aims to provide an interdisciplinary crossroad for researchers, practitioners, and experts to explore the convergence of ethics, moral and cultural values, and socio-behavioral norms with hybrid knowledge structures and generative AI.

WISDOMS offers an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary discussions at the intersection of ethics, morality, knowledge graphs, semantic technologies, linked open data, and generative AI. In a world increasingly shaped by Artificial Intelligence, the intricate landscape of moral and cultural values serves as a vital compass in the vast sea of human knowledge, guiding our ethical frameworks and societal norms. This workshop's focus in particular is on the pivotal 'value alignment problem'—ensuring that AI systems not only meet human needs but also embody and respect human values- but it accepts contributions on several topics, such as (but not limited to): Knowledge Representation and Extraction of moral, cultural and social values; Grounded World Models, with a particular focus on Ethics and Morality; Morally Informed Decision Making; Generative models of moral behavior; Formal Representation of Socio-behavioral theories for Social and Legal Norms, etc.

Given the last report about the 2023 state of AI, the matter of value alignment of AI is compelling, and demands satisfaction both from a theoretical and operational point of view. WISDOMS 2024 is poised to forge a connection across this divide, fostering collaboration and networking among the Semantic Web, Ethical AI, and Ontology communities engaged in the mission of integrating moral and cultural values into systematic, technological approaches. We foster any contribute which aims at exploiting semantic data regarding GELSI: Governace, Ethics, Legal and Social Implications of digital media and AI. We extend the invitation to scholars and practitioners dedicated to the construction and application of knowledge graphs that encapsulate morality and cultural values, the extraction and codification of these values from diverse semantic data sources, and the interlinking of disciplines through ontological frameworks.

Our workshop welcomes contributions that tackle the challenges of representing values in ontologies, adapting and evaluating ontologies for value-centric domains, and utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Large Language Models (LLMs) within the realm of Semantic Web to address the unique hurdles of working with complex ethical data. Presentations should not only showcase technological advancements but also provide a critical analysis of the moral and cultural values landscape through the lens of philosophical, ethical, sociological, and interdisciplinary research questions. Join us at WISDOMS 2024 to contribute to the pivotal discourse on encoding the essence of our values into the digital fabric of knowledge.

Topic Areas

  • Ethical dilemmas and theoretical foundations in value knowledge representation
  • Development and methodology for value-centric vocabulary, schema, and ontology
  • Formalization of ethical frameworks (e.g., Deontic, Utilitaristic, Social Contract, etc.) for moral reasoning
  • Foundational ontologies (e.g., DOLCE, BFO, UFO, etc.) for modeling ethics and values
  • Harmonization of moral and cultural value theories with ontological structures
  • Formal approaches for values and ethics as embodied cognition structures
  • Policy formalization with ontologies and knowledge graphs for ethical AI
  • Values in time: Temporal knowledge graphs for value alignment
  • Neuro-symbolic and hybrid semantic web tools for moral reasoning
  • Cross-cultural values and norms representation
  • Value-sensitive autonomous agents
  • FAIR principles for knowledge graph construction and data curation
  • Automated and semi-automated construction of knowledge graphs for values and norms
  • Commonsense knowledge and value recognition semantic technologies
  • Automatic extraction of moral and cultural values from multimodal resources
  • Innovative workflows and tools for ethical knowledge extraction
  • Value-driven system design and explainability
  • Standards, measures, and best practices for ontologies within ethical AI

Important Dates (Extended!)

March 7

21, 2024

Submission Deadline

April 4, 2024

Author Notification

April 16, 2024

Camera Ready Versions

May 26/27, 2024

Workshop Date

All deadlines are 23:59 anywhere on earth (UTC-12).


Submissions must be written in English and formatted in the proceedings style, single column format. All papers and abstracts have to be submitted electronically via EasyChair. Each accepted paper needs to be presented by one of the authors, who agrees to register and participate in WISDOMS 2024.



WISDOMS is an on-site event taking place on May 26 or May 27, 2024 in Hersonissos, Crete (Greece). The workshop is co-located with the 21st Extended Semantic Web Conference. ESWC is a major venue for discussing the latest scientific results and technology innovations around semantic technologies. Building on its past success, ESWC is seeking to broaden its focus to span other relevant related research areas in which Web semantics plays an important role. All workshop participants must register at ESWC to attend. Please have a look at the official ESWC 2024 webpage for detailed information on the conference, program, venue and registration.